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07 May 2013

Belgium: Market leader in Tablet newspapers launches new advertising model

De Tijd and L’Echo are experiencing fast growth in the reach of their tablet newspapers. Today, already 24% of the daily sales are digital/tablet, making publishing house Mediafin the largest player by far on the Belgian tablet newspaper market. And, Mediafin aims to strengthen this market leader position further.

On 7 May, De Tijd and L’Echo have launched their brand-new tablet newspapers. These combine, in an innovative way, the quality reading experience of the printed newspaper with the assets and the technical possibilities of a tablet.

Within the context of a rapidly growing tablet reach, Trustmedia, the ad sales company of Mediafin, has developed a new advertising model, which assures that the advertiser can make optimal use of the reach of the newspapers, both printed and tablet. This is done by capitalising on the specific strengths of these two carriers. Every print advertisement will be given an optimised tablet version at no additional cost. For this, a completely new module approach has been developed that has already been tested with the market. In addition to the module system, extra models have been developed for dynamic campaigns. All models, both static/optimised and dynamic, systematically combine the printed newspaper and the tablet version.

For advertisers, the growing reach of tablets offers a lot of advantages. On the whole, tablet readers have a profile that is even more highly educated and more affluent. The tablet is also a prime mobile medium. As such, the newspaper and the advertisements follow the reader wherever he/she goes. In addition, the impact of the communication can be boosted significantly thanks to the creative and audio-visual possibilities of tablets. Also, a high level of selectivity can be added to, for example, the TV campaign

Source : Trustmedia/Belgium 07 May 2013
Posted Dated: 13 May 2013