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When Volvo wanted to reposition themselves and to kick-start sales of their V40 model in the United Kingdom, they decided to launch a video advertising campaign. Publicitas received part of the budget, and when the results turned out to exceed other partners on the plan, Volvo decided to launch another video campaign with Publicitas.

For both campaigns, we decided to use our proprietary InPage Video format. IPV is an out-stream video format that plays within articles on websites. It is positioned below the fold of the page and only plays when it is visible (in-screen). As soon as the user decides to scroll further down or back up, the video is paused. In stark contrast with pre roll video advertising, our format is not interruptive, nor does it force the user to watch the video to the end.

The campaign ran on premium, well-targeted websites such as Piston Heads, What Car?, Autocar, London Evening Standard, Newsweek and Daily Mail. We delivered 500,000 completed views at a view-through rate of no less than 21%.