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NewBase Content produces Celebrating Life, the healthy lifestyle magazine of Thomson Medical. Each issue, up to four features are commissioned, along with photography for the cover and cover story. Stock images are curated for remaining content.

Since 1979, Thomson Medical has been a leading provider of healthcare services for women and children in Singapore. It owns and operates Thomson Medical Centre, a fully integrated hospital that offers a comprehensive range of facilities and services with a focus on obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G) and paediatric services.

The content for Celebrating Life is planned by our experienced in-house content team to position the Thomson Medical brand as a world-class leader in providing quality, all-round healthcare. We work with writers with deep knowledge of and experience in the dynamic health and healthcare environment.

Each issue allows us to showcase Thomson Medical’s ever growing range of medical services and is packed with informative stories on wide-ranging topics. These include commissioned features as well as contributions by Thomson Medical experts and doctors that offer practical tips and advice on key health and wellness trends, maternity and pregnancy, food, parenting, skin and dental care, even benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Thomson Medical website carries both the flipbook version of each issue as well as selected articles from Celebrating Life in a separate section. The result is synergistic cross-platform content that both engages and delivers value for the loyal Thomson Medical customer.

NewBase Content also manages and develops content for the healthcare publications of Changi General Hospital and Hong’s Kong’s Quality Healthcare Medical Service. Both feature content produced in English and Chinese languages.