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Destination Canada

Destination Canada funds vertical cooperative programmes and runs them through Publicitas. Publicitas wrote the strategy for the National Ski Program and the National Golf Program, coordinated private and public sector partners, and executed the program through multiple channels and platforms. Publicitas has been a media buying resource across both Core and CO-OP programmes, through direct publisher relationships and a programmatic trading desk.

Here are some results of the US Ski Database Program:

  • 48.1% of the audience has a HHI of > 250k CAD
  • A wealth index of 196
  • 59.5 M impressions
  • 143k clicks
  • 302k site interactions

And these are for the US Golf Database Program:

  • Audience of 9 million golf enthusiasts (1/3 of the total golf population)
  • 131k clicks at a CPC of CAD 3.23
  • 54,000 referrals to partner sites
  • 2,171 low funnel conversions