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Delta Air Lines

NewBase (formerly Publicitas) has managed various campaigns in Latin America for Delta Air Lines. We combined print advertising in both newspapers and magazines, radio spots, out of home advertising and a wide range of digital solutions.

For the digital component, we used mobile rich media formats, digital video advertising and traditional display formats (300x250, 728x90, 160x600 and 300x600). Our in-house trading desk booked the inventory programmatically, partly through private marketplace deals. Raffles, contests and activations were used to increase engagement and to gather consumer data.




In order to reach Delta Air Line’s target audience (C-suite business executives), we used various targeting strategies (contextual/keyword targeting, audience targeting, etc.). On top of that we made use of our longstanding media owner relationships to select the most premium publishers.

Our programmatic solutions allow us to optimise the campaigns in real time. Dedicated campaign managers look which sites, strategies, creatives and geo targeting perform best and then use this data to improve the campaign’s results. For Delta’s campaign in Mexico, for example, the CTR of the last 7 days was nearly twice as high as the average for the entire duration of the campaign.

We pride ourselves on our transparency; we share our findings with advertisers and agencies. This gives them a good idea of the performance of certain websites, geos, creatives, strategies, etc.