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What Do Marketers Want?

Two years ago we set out to study and forecast what would be the marketing and advertising focus for the year, by fielding a research project aimed at establishing priorities and understanding change in the industry.

When we released Marketing Priorities 2017, the second instalment of this series, it became obvious that the vast range of priorities was a reflection of the ever-changing role of the marketing and advertising professional, be it on the brand, media owner or agency side.
It is no secret that the digital revolution has deeply affected the way we consume media and how we are exposed to advertising. The ability to track and measure digital advertising campaigns has resulted in over-tactification of the marketing effort, making short-term results more easily attainable and measurable.
On the other hand, 10 years into said revolution, marketers are today becoming aware of the need to go back to long-term strategy to truly support and grow their brands.

We recognised the often difficult position that Marketers inhabit today in their organisations, having to report with short-term KPIs while at the same time building the overall brand experience through multiyear strategies that are just as vital.
This is why at the end of 2017 the NewBase Insights team decided to delve deeper into the ever-changing role of the CMO and Marketing Decision Maker. We asked questions about how the priorities that emerged in our previous research have changed and disrupted their day-to-day work life.

We surveyed over 100 top marketing leaders from all over the world, asking them to identify themselves as either creative or analytical in their approach to marketing and how long they had been in their positions.
We asked them questions about how this change is impacting their work, how well they think they are using data, how much they feel they can drive growth for the business and the approach to their customer; how they bridge the gap between their organisation and its audience, how free they feel to drive brand strategy.
The relationship with the rest of the C-suite is another of the main themes we decided to survey as we believe this to be at the root of the upcoming change in marketing. As the role evolves its responsibilities are growing in size and number, leading to a possible reshuffling of duties. 

We will be looking forward to sharing the full set of results in February, one thing that has emerged is that the growing complexity of Marketing itself is making the role of the CMO in organisations vital.  The need for the CMO to have a more prominent position in the board and in the business decision-making process becomes clear, and establishing the marketing function’s place in the structure of every business is now of capital importance.

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