Transparency, trust and brand safety: let's talk.- NewBase



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Transparency, trust and brand safety: let's talk.

Next week will be a busy one for NewBase as we will head to New York and Milan for industry events.

We will have the pleasure of hosting a talk at the Festival of Media Brand Lab in New York on November 30th, when our Global Head of Digital Products Andy Vogel will lead a panel of experts from IAB, Time Inc. Macy’s and Magid Research into a debate about transparency and accountability in the digital supply chain.
They will approach the subjects from all of the industry’s different perspectives, starting a conversation aimed at finding solutions and making predictions for 2018.
The event is exclusively created and free to attend for Brand Marketers, offering an environment in which ideas can be discussed freely and in depth.

Brand Marketers in NY can sign up for the event HERE

On the same day we will be delivering the programmatic workshop closing panel at the IAB Forum in Milan.
The two-day digital advertising marathon saw a footfall of 15000 visitors last year, with plenary sessions curated by IAB that this year will touch upon themes analysing the current state of digital advertising and forecast trends and key developments for 2018.
During our 4:30 PM session we will discuss transparency and independence with a lineup of brand and publisher speakers, delving deeper into a conversation about the approach to audience marketing and their vision for the future. The session is free to attend by signing up HERE

We are very much looking forward to these events as we believe a solution to the advertising industry's issues and opportunities need to be sought and found by all players in the field in a shared effort.
We are eager to start conversations, we want to promote a dialog based on shared knowledge and shared objectives, we want to listen and to understand.

We will share this wealth of knowledge and the great insights we are sure we will gather in our next newsletter in two weeks.