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Transparency: Are We Getting There?

When we launched Marketing Priorities 2017 last year it was clear that the whole conversation about lack of transparency of the digital supply chain, and the resulting lack of trust towards a number of players in the industry, would be the core focus for the year.

The thorny subject, as brought to everyone’s attention by P&G Brand boss Marc Pritchard, made the industry’s news a staggering number of times with over 6,000 articles and opinion pieces written so far about the issues, clearly something big was set in motion.

So, when the NewBase Insights team decided to check in again with industry leaders about these topics, it did come as quite a surprise that results showed that 64% of marketers and advertisers feel that the procurement process is still opaque and that control over brand safety is not in better shape according to 59% of them.

Although change is still obviously underway, as industry bodies are hard at work setting up standards for procurement and measurements, it certainly looks like this process is not moving as fast as it should.

At NewBase we have taken a double-handed approach to solving these issues.
We have developed our proprietary NewBase View technology which allows full transparency on advertising spend and at the same time we have perfected our process, prioritising our client’s goals and adopting a consultative approach with every single one of them.

We are able to do so thanks to our independence, being data agnostic means that we are in the position to recommend the best marketing solutions for our clients and hit their goals, with a mix of careful planning, best in class creative solutions and hands-on service, during the run of the campaign.

Many marketers investing in digital advertising have been kept in the dark for a long time about what was going on behind the scenes. Brands can now take the matter in their own hands and regain control, either by setting up their own programmatic operations or by building relationships with trusted consultancies.

We strongly believe that working with brands and breaking the wall of jargon surrounding digital and programmatic is the first step to better advertising and we’ve been doing just that, breaking the mould and striving to support this change.

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