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Press Release: NewBase launches NewBase:View

London, 27.06.2017
Nearly four out of every five US digital display dollars will be spent programmatically in 2017, totalling a staggering $32.56 billion . Brands, media agencies, and marketers are demanding more control and advanced insights into metrics that matter to them. With the launch of NEWBASE:VIEW, NEWBASE now provides its clients with real-time performance data on programmatic campaigns globally.
NEWBASE:VIEW, an audience insight marketing platform, answers a growing demand from the industry to simplify and quantify the media supply chain. As the latest Marketing Priorities 2017 survey revealed, 91% of global marketers, brands, and publishers agree that the media buying process is too complex .

“We think it’s appalling that brands and marketers are losing up to 60% on every US dollar invested into programmatic advertising, with each player in the media supply chain taking their slice of the cake. Customers are kept in the dark when it comes to ad placements and viewability and we put the power back into their hands. This is why we developed VIEW, an innovative technology product that enables our clients to have greater command and control of where and when their ads appear, who is exactly viewing them, which provides them with accurate transparent costs at any given point,” says Joerg Nuernberg, Group CEO, NEWBASE.
Purpose built with proprietary and unique technology, NEWBASE:VIEW connects to customer data via major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and makes them available in a unified view with real-time analytics and insights on audiences and ROI.
The NEWBASE:VIEW approach is based on establishing direct, transparent, and collaborative relationships between clients and NEWBASE. Marketers and brands have access to experienced consultants able to explain the whole process and present it in a coherent and transparent manner – a real person using the NEWBASE:VIEW technology to help their clients optimise campaigns and achieve success.
“Programmatic advertising is now part of the standard toolset that our clients use,” says Andy Vogel, Head of Global Product Development for NEWBASE. “With increasing industry focus on visibility, pricing, ad performance, and insights, it was vital for us to develop a trustworthy service that addresses issues surrounding programmatic advertising.”

Working with multiple DSPs, strategic technology and data partners means that NEWBASE:VIEW is fully independent and dependable. Customers have access to a growing selection of DSPs which opens up a wide range of opportunities to reach a large number of relevant audiences and better rates.
NEWBASE:VIEW has been purpose-built for clients and small to mid-sized agencies to manage their programmatic spending in a more strategic fashion. It also allows an in-house team to act as their own independent trading desk to deliver full insights across their campaigns.
“NEWBASE:VIEW gives internal client teams the opportunity to work more efficiently and skip the need to login to multiple portals, or what we call the “swivel chair” approach,” says Oliver Eills, Managing Director for The Americas at NewBase.
Additional benefits of NEWBASE:VIEW include:
•    Unified view to multiple Demand Side Platforms
•    Increased speed to market for multiple campaigns
•    Increased reach into multiple demographic segments more efficiently
•    Decreased cost of audience acquisition
•    Makes your team more strategic
•    Real time reporting at the touch of a button
•    Consumer and audience measurement insights