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NewBase:View - Programmatic You Can See

The past few months at NewBase have been buzzing with change and innovation. It couldn’t be any other way, operating in an industry that is constantly changing we strive for progress and aim to drive it.
We have developed, and launched last week, our own proprietary analytics platform NewBase:View.

Born from the idea of improving the programmatic advertising reporting process, it has been a joint effort across countries and continents for the NewBase team to come together and develop a product that is functional and easy to use.

The development process can get very technical but one thought has been central and ever-present throughout this effort: transparency.
 Why and how are better explained by our team on the front line, we asked them to give us some insights about how and why NewBase:View came to be.

“As the digital media industry continues to evolve and technological innovation makes the pace of this evolution frenetic, we find ourselves in the privileged position of working with both agencies and clients, having the ability to understand their respective needs.” Says Chris Knight, Head of Digital Products for EMEA.
“We started developing View with this in mind, recognising the need to break through the negative perception that was building around programmatic advertising and making the process accessible and transparent to the client. NewBase:View is a platform that simplifies the media supply chain by integrating the power of all the leading DSPs and insight tools, giving control back to the marketer.

We want our clients to be in the position of not having to worry about ROI and accountability.” Adds Tyson Pearcey, Director of Strategic Partnerships for NewBase in the UK. “We want to improve their digital media buying process by offering them peace of mind, knowing that a trusted partner is handling their campaign and that they have access to the traders for feedback. With NewBase:View we are able to address those needs by offering an environment in which transparency and accountability are at the core of the relationship. We offer them a 360° view of their campaigns across multiple DSPs, clear insights that enable us to measure and adapt the campaign strategy in real time, with reports available at the click of a button. We establish a collaborative approach, rooted in the knowledge of our consultants and programmatic traders, and enhanced by View.

At the heart of the development process is Andy Vogel, Global Head of Digital Products.

“We started building View with the simple idea of making programmatic advertising reliable and transparent. 
In a media buying process that is very technical and not always accessible, we wanted to lift the veil and make the media buying visible for the client. 
We wanted a different approach to audience insights and to bridge the gap between marketers and the action that is programmatic advertising. Of course we knew that a tool that aims at making things easier for its user is often very complicated to build, and this was proven to be true. Months later we have a piece of technology that we are incredibly proud of, a very powerful tool that harnesses the power of the leading DSPs and lets the user see real time results, giving them access to the traders and the ability to adjust strategy as the campaign is running.

We wanted our clients to be able to look at their programmatic advertising campaigns with transparency and trust, and we realised that the best way of doing so was to let them see it as it happens, empowering NewBase through this new chapter in its history.

If you want to know more about NewBase:View please do get in touch with your local office