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NewBase Insights: Upcoming Research Release

The project is a global survey among 120 CMOs and top ranking marketers that delves deep into the changes that their day-to-day work life is undergoing. Fieldwork for the project closed in January 2018.

Assessing priorities and areas of increasing responsibility including budget and tech, understanding their relationship with the rest of the leadership team and forecasting further changes, are only a few of the themes covered.

The research yielded impressive results and, alongside very detailed information about the changing role of the CMO it also paints a very interesting bigger picture of how marketing and other functions in the organisation work with each other.

The study covers the differences between creative and analytical marketers and also explores the divide between marketers who have been in their position for a shorter or longer amount of time, and how this influences their priorities.

“The Evolving Marketer” will launch next week, for now below are only a few of the key findings.