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Intent Marketing - A Better Way for Programmatic

When McKinsey released its Loyalty Loop theory in 2012, effectively coding the consumer decision journey in its post-awareness stage, the extent of our ability to track and analyse consumer behaviour was not nearly as sophisticated as it is today.


The past 5 years have seen an exponential growth in the amount and range of available data, generating an incredibly vast spectrum of possibilities for marketers trying to understand their consumer’s behaviour.
A system like the Loyalty Loop, which attaches to the more traditional funnel,  truly encapsulates the complexity of the decision process in an environment, like the one we have today, in which consumers have a very large number of sources of information about the product and the brand during their evaluation phase.

It is vital for companies to make sure that the possibilities that granular data offers are well integrated into their marketing efforts, from planning stage to advertising campaign delivery.

It all comes down to identifying and understanding the Brand’s audience, and more in depth, to understand how consumers interact with the brand. This will inform decisions about tailored content and its delivery, with the final goal of converting these prospects into adopters and getting them into the loyalty loop.

This understanding can and should of course come in large part from their interactions with the brand which take place online. Whether tracking their behaviour on the brand’s website or using first-party data sets like Amazon’s and search intelligence, we can now achieve a level of understanding of these paths to purchase like never before.

The concept of intent marketing becomes very interesting under these circumstances, being able to target specifically customers in the evaluation phase of their journey eliminates the difficulties and the costs of brand activation and awareness campaigns and focusses on tipping over these potential customers by using custom content and offers.

It is easy to see how using data that reveals intent towards a brand or product will be greatly beneficial in optimising results of marketing campaigns. Delivering the correct message on the right platform to an audience that is already considering purchase will reap greater results than simply targeting a demographic segment based on identity. Intent always beats identity.

At NewBase we integrate data and insights to build these audiences and our programmatic delivery capabilities make it possible to target these potential customers in this delicate phase of their journey.  
We tailor each campaign and make our client’s objectives our own, we create solutions that deliver results and insights that go way beyond the advertising activity.



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