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Festival of Marketing 2017

Festival of Marketing promised to be a very special edition this year and it did not disappoint. With a stellar line-up of speakers including marketing giants Mark Ritson and Byron Sharp, thinkers and influencers, creatives and scientists, the 12 stages offered back-to-back talks and panels.

After listening to the gripping opening interview with Stephen Fry, we started our festival by holding a panel on the Programmatic stage, exploring the importance of making the right connections in the programmatic world in order to navigate its complexity and promote transparency.  

Following the panel we started taking advantage of the fantastic content being presented on the stages.  From creativity and content marketing workshops to informative panels discussing GDPR and Artificial Intelligence we had a chance to immerse ourselves in a very well-rounded representation of the many faces and players of the marketing world.

Choosing which to attend was a very difficult task. We divided and conquered and then checked back in to our stand where our sales team met and greeted professionals from all backgrounds who stopped by to learn more about our analytics platform NewBase:View. (link to view page)


But as they say, all work and no play… The best conversations at this type of event always happen at the end of a busy day when, exclusively created FestivAle was offered to the crowd of festival-goers in the final hour of a very busy and inspiring day.

Day two offered the same amount of great content, leading up to the much awaited battle of the brains which saw Professors Mark Ritson and Byron Sharp in a face-off like no other.

The two have vastly different approaches to marketing, Professor Sharp having contributed to the industry by theorising a scientific and evidence-based approach which has been vastly adopted. Professor Ritson on the other hand is known for challenging the industry and promoting a model that brings together scientific and data-driven approach to social sciences and critical thinking.

After an elegantly delivered throat-cutting opening statement by professor Ritson, that described his opponent’s focus on science “child-like”, Sharp described himself as a “humble scientist” bringing back context into his approach and its validity.  

It’s the age-old debate of marketing, a discipline that has greatly benefitted from the validation that came from science-based theories and that at the same time needs to dig deep into behavioural and social sciences to be effective.

The audience, after a very engaging and thought-provoking 45 minutes, proclaimed its winner, but of course being able to witness such debate felt like the real prize.

We went to Festival of Marketing to discuss and better understand the importance of making the right connections in the industry and we were reminded that advertising is the final, vital, part of a process that brings brands closer to their consumers.
As Mr. Fry so eloquently told us at the very beginning of this two-day marketing marathon, let’s remember that the power of human intellect is unique and irreplaceable.

As the marketing and advertising industries develop and invest in AI, machine learning and virtual reality, the Festival explored the complexities of communicating a brand to its consumer by offering reflections on all of the element that contribute to the process.
The result was a powerful reminder of how our human ability to question, understand and connect is the ultimate instrument for successful marketing.


Giorgia Fantini - Copyright 2017 NewBase