Events season has started, we report on Dmexco and prepare for Festival of Marketing- NewBase



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Events season has started, we report on Dmexco and prepare for Festival of Marketing

As the conversation about the future of advertising becomes more complex and intense, the feeling this year was that Dmexco has moved from a more traditional “trade-show” to a content-driven mega event.

While transparency was on everyone’s lips last year, this year the focus was on AI, machine learning and data and identity management. We expect more efforts will be made in the upcoming months in integrating the tech-heavy universe of AI into marketing and advertising strategies.
The looming spectre of GDPR didn’t seem to matter much to most show attendees the way it should. Finding consumers across multiple channels, and across their average 3.5 devices, IDing them and converting them through video advertising seemed to eat-up a lot more attention.

After lamenting the lack of transparency and shaking up the advertising industry last year, this year Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of P&G, shifted the attention to viewability and to the need of fixing a broken model that cannot guarantee brand safety. Further on, Pritchard raised the bar by focussing on quality placement, beyond safe placement, in an effort that looks at advertising through the eyes of the consumer, not only the marketer.

It’s no surprise that this year saw more name brand speakers in the panels’ program. Brand marketers are now more and more involved with understanding and using technology as a tool for growth and are no longer willing to delegate control and management of these functions.

Most talks did acknowledge that programmatic is still on the rise and everybody realises the importance of data and insights to deliver the brand’s message in an impactful way. Moving to a more explicit permission state was definitely part of the conversation as it has great implications on device targeting and the ability to deliver the right type of creative at the right moment in the customer journey.

While data “ownership” is still a developing matter, access to that data and building toward a programmatic eco-system that includes multiple players seemed to unite most attendees.
The need to make the right connections in the ecosystem is central in a paradigm that sees many players handling different aspects of the advertising industry.

NewBase will be at Festival of Marketing in London next week, and we will be hosting a panel on the first day, October 4th, about making the right connections in a programmatic world.

We are very much looking forward to the event and the opportunity to discuss the future of marketing and advertising with over 4000 experts from around the world.
We will see everyone at our stand at the Silicon Roundabout and of course report on the event in a couple of weeks.

Giorgia Fantini - Copyright 2017 NewBase