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Advertising at the crossroad of science and emotion

With the rise of a customer-centric approach to their strategies, marketers worldwide are re-establishing their priorities by investigating what makes their clients, and potential clients, tick.  As strategies get established and tactics chosen and implemented, Brands must stay compliant to their bigger-picture plans, to ensure that every iteration of advertising and marketing communications are all aiming in the same direction.

Innovation in data gathering and insights generation is of course vital to this process, understanding consumers and their path-to-purchase can be a very scientific task, using granular data and recognising patterns is, however, only the starting point. With every iteration a Brand is communicating with its audience a piece of itself, and the variety of options available when it comes to targeting, devices, and ad formats, makes the whole effort exponentially more complicated.

It is evident and obvious that having a cohesive strategy is the right starting point but it is at the crossroad between use of data and a thorough understanding of the consumer’s psychological response to the ad that successful advertising happens.

In an incredibly varied media landscape we are, as users, bombarded by input all day every day, to cut through the noise advertising needs to catch our attention with a mix of good timing and relevance. We will be more receptive to something that we are, albeit subconsciously, interested in, and we will stop and look if that something reaches us when we are in the right mind-set.

The good news for Brands is that through data we can identify that moment, by overlaying it with research we can estimate which device to deliver our message on and through consumer psychology we can assess and decide which format will be the one that cuts through the noise and gets recognised and seen. Visual impact of the ad becomes vital and creative and interactive formats are an incredibly powerful tool to achieve visibility.

Every step of the planning and execution becomes equally important when a brand’s strategy starts on a journey alongside its consumers’ path-to-purchase.

At NewBase we consider continuous improvement our mantra and we invest in building technology that guarantees transparency while providing real time actionable insights that go way beyond campaign performance.  These insights can be fed back into the following campaigns in a process of continuous learning and better optimization, their nature also makes them valuable knowledge that can guide the brand’s strategies on a much broader sense.
We work with the best data providers on the market, and partner with companies that do outstanding work with innovative formats that we deliver on every device.

We tie this all together through our tailored solutions and make our advertisers’ goals our own.

Out format studio can be accessed HERE and our LOCAL OFFICES can be contacted for any further information.

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