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  • Print Media
  • Argentina

As the most widely read newspaper in the country, CLARIN penetrates more households than any other print media. It first appeared on the scene in 1945 and continues to be an everyday ritual for many Argentines. CLARIN is a typical daily consisting of local news, international headlines, politics business, finances and sports. There are also sections on cultural highlights, entertainment, travel, technology, health and fashion. CLARIN''s editorial quality is first rate and has some of the most celebrated in journalism on staff. CLARIN''s powerful saturation of the Argentine market has made it an effective advertising channel to target the masses. Clarinis the highest circulation newspaper in Latin America and the second-highest circulation Spanish-language newspaper in the world

CLARIN - Argentina
  • Publishing House AGEA S.A.
  • Language SPANISH
  • Type of media National/regional newspapers
  • Editorial content Newspapers (
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published DAILY

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